Managing brands with a creative vision means a lot of work before, during and also after the concept and design process. A clear, unique brand image that attracts the customer is the result of each of our projects. And we deliver always because we know what it takes:





We love brands. They irresistibly appeal to us. The strength of the brand leaves our heart beaten on high. It fascinates us that over the years, people still trust and remain faithful to them.

Still fascination and obvious familiarity do not march alone. Only with particular care coupled with constant cultivation would the brand develop. It will add new facets and retain its character. Brands need time and care to be nurtured. Still the one who desires this is the one who‘s heart knows no trouble and does not take hours used into account.





The design studio was founded in 1992 by Volker Bethmann. We have therefore long lost our innocence in the design industry. We achieved our experience in agencies, design studios and also in the industrial side. It sometimes turned out wonderful and painful but always educative. So multiply our individual qualities and characteristics in team work to fuller performance. when the need be, completely fast, but also when something doesn‘t work immediately we endeavour to keep calm. Thanks to our experience our clients and partners can be rightly happy and satisfied. As romantics say: what helps love, when one loves but knows nothing about live.





Who ever can rely on a partner, will also after stormy phases learn entirely from the process. Therefore it applies to us who not in good times our engagement is always high and yet again surprising. On every new day, our faithfulness lies with every calculation and new appointment made with proof. And our ideas after many years, always blow fresh air into existence. We then find: in avoiding monotonous work practices, the quality of a cooperation evolves each day.

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